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More Than Just Music: The Infectious Joy of Ryan O'Neill

What would be the perfect musical experience if I were sitting at the Cold Bear Brew taproom ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Cozy atmosphere

  • Acoustic guitar

  • Range of genres

  • Normal issues like…forgetting verses, dropping pick mid song and we all just laugh about it because hey...performing should be about us all having fun right?

  • Knowing the audience so intimately the musician can substitute names in a song for people in the audience and name drop a soda beverage and the audience gets the inside joke and all

That is my epic version of a rocking pub adventure!

And that my friends, is also why this post did not get released by my deadline of yesterday (but shhhhh don't tell Mike lol)

I was supposed to review the live performance that happened at Cold Bear Brew Co on March 2 and publish this post yesterday, but I'm putting all the blame on Mr Ryan O'Neill.

You see Ryan has this habit of going live on Facebook, for his WHOLE PERFORMANCE!!!!! I know...he understands that his fans who absolutely LOVE his style, his tone, his span of genres, and his tenacity to try anything, take any risk. He knows that some of us might not always be able to make it to his live show, or his pajama parties...yes you read that right....I'm sorry, you're just going to have to friend him on Facebook to see what I mean lol.

Anyways, I started to watch his most recent show from the weekend so I could write this article, and next thing I knew, the day was over, my deadline had passed and well here we are...I'm hoping I still work for WWR 🤣.

Ryan you may not know this but beyond being one of my favourite local musicians, you were also the very first person Mike told me I should reach out to when I started working with him. He told me that "Ryan was a salt of the earth guy, a very talented local musician, and would be a perfect person to begin my networking with."

And like usual, Mike was right.

When I reached out to Ryan to introduce myself and give him an idea of my new role at WWR, he was more excited than I was lol.

I was met with a welcoming, enthusiastic energy about the indie music community here in the Ottawa Valley that made me feel so welcomed and excited to get started in my new role. He and I had the same spirit and love for music for sure.

Infact Ryan even had an amazing idea for a multi-series feature for my live wire that he would like to collaborate on....and as soon as the brand is fully launched and the fest is sold out, Ryan you and I are going to be bringing your vision to live on the wire!!!!

I know this was supposed to be an article that covered Ryan's performance at Cold Bear Brew on March 2nd, and it was - refer to my perfect pub experience in my intro- that was my favourite part of his show!

Although it was tough to choose my favourite part of his performance that night for my video clip, I've included his version of one of my all time favorites "Last Kiss".

Ryan, you did an epic job performing this, connecting with not only the crowd at the pub, but making me feel like I was right were able to sweep me in with that gorgeous smile, and you made me sing at the top of my lungs at home right along with you!

Here's a little peek at his performance...I couldn't include the whole video - it was over 2hrs long....see I told you he treated his Facebook fans like royalty!

Here's the link to the whole show if you want to get swept away and miss your deadlines today too- but don't say I didn't warn you lol.

If you want to be part of the amazing atmosphere that Ryan O'Neill creates wherever he plays, his next show is Friday March 8th at Negi's Bistro & Pub 7 - 10 pm.

Oh and Ryan, I'd also like to thank you for being part of the WWR Radio Rockers who gather online every Thursday and Sunday night from 7 - 11 to see which one of us will make DJ Mega Mike crack first's a lot of fun ganging up on him!

Thank you for being such an influential part of WWR and part of my personal journey here since day one.

All the best to you in your musical adventure, thanks for letting me be a part of it.


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