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Bonnechere River Band and DeadBloom - Rocking the Valley: Live Music Highlights from Legends

Our Ottawa Valley music scene is thriving, with new bands emerging and a steady flow of quality music happening in our local venues.

Every Friday at Legends is a special night of the week where music lovers congregate, and the music flows freely. Every week, you can easily recognize a lot of the same faces: some fellow musicians, some fellow music lovers, and some new faces, which is always awesome to see because it means the word is out there about what people are missing out on, and that's a good thing.

Tonight featured a budding new cover band called the "Bonnechere River Band," featuring Jason Thomas on guitar and lead vocals, Todd Jessup on bass and lead vocals, and Jason Dellaire on drums (and “Fight for your Right” Opening “Kick It”).

Opening their set with “City of Lakes” by Matt Mays, these guys lit up the room, got heads nodding, and feet tapping. Throughout their set, they switched off lead vocals to dip into a more diverse catalog.

Their set was scattered with classics by Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Band, Tom Petty, The

Tragically Hip, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, and Neil Young. My personal favorites of their set were a gritty but endearing rendition of “Stand by Me,” a touching but intense performance of the INXS classic “Never Tear Us Apart,” and a tune that has become a Bonnechere River Band staple that delights every time: a punk approach to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” delivered with edge and ferocity, a true highlight of every one of their shows.

Bonnechere River Band excited and delighted us all.

I highly recommend checking them out at their next show.

Opening up the night was the Ottawa Valley's own DeadBloom, who have just released their debut tune, “Coke Can Corn Horn,” from their forthcoming debut album.

They brought their full arsenal of indie rock this night for our listening pleasure. DeadBloom is Jamie Jessup on lead guitar and lead vocals, Keifer Jessup on bass and lead vocals, and Andrew Dole on drums.

These three guys create a huge sound with a ton of groove and edge. Opening up with “Burchat,” a full-force tune showcasing their heaviness and dynamics right out of the gate, this band pounded it out with passion in every note.

I've worked with these guys in the past and am familiar with some of their earlier material; I have always admired the dynamics in their sound and delivery.

Once they hit their debut single “Coke Can Corn Horn,” DeadBloom was on fire.

You may ask yourself, what is a “Coke Can Corn Horn”?

Well, I don't know either but do plan on finding out. I'll keep you all posted on my findings.

“Mother” was next and is an epic sounding tune, almost a power ballad, but dirtier and deeper, and with a crushing finale not to be missed.

Keifer Jessup really shined with his vocals on “Take Your Chance,” a very different feel for these guys for sure, but an amazing tune just the same.

DeadBloom has a range in feels and sounds, and it's very refreshing to experience, even better in a live setting.

Catch them live next chance you get; I guarantee they will not disappoint.

This brings us to the end of another awesome night of live music at Legends. Thank you to Bonnechere River Band and DeadBloom for laying down solid and very enjoyable sets. Get on out to Legends on Fridays; there are great live bands to see and rock out to. Don't forget to Catch both of these awesome bands at Summerdaze too, August 9/10 .

Missed the show or craving an encore of those epic tunes?

Dive into the heart-pounding energy of these performances (and more) on our YouTube channel!

Experience the raw power and undeniable talent of our rocking music anytime, anywhere. Don't miss out—hit play and unleash the vibes!

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