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THE POWER NAPS are an electrifying Ottawa-based, rock n roll foursome founded in 2022 when an Irish drummer joined 3 long-time friends with a decade of experience playing together in various Ottawa bands. With roaring guitars, strong gritty vocals, and grooving bass lines all held together with seething beats, The Power Naps put on dialed-in performances of their meticulously crafted rock songs. Each member of The Power Naps is an active songwriter. Songs like “He Played”, “What You Want”, “Slow Burn” and “You Wrote This” showcase the Naps wide range of influences and styles they incorporate into their music while keeping their own unique groove and style. In the past year The Naps have been increasing their presence on the local music scene. Future plans include more studio recording, gigging across Eastern Ontario, and touring the summer festival circuit. Attending a Power Naps show guarantees you’ll get a dynamic rock set full of energy and fun. So grab your pillow, you’ll need it when they're done!

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