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Choirz: Pioneering Electro-Pop from Pembroke

Prepare for a sonic journey as Canadian electro-pop duo Choirz unveils their latest creation, the sophomore EP titled "Ecdysis," set to drop on March 29, 2024.

With the release of a mesmerizing new music video for their lead track 'Grinding Dirt,' Choirz, originating from Pembroke, showcases their unique sound, signaling their potential to make a significant impact on contemporary music.

Formed from the creative fusion of lifelong friends Brandon Kennedy and Christopher Chartrand, Choirz brings together a wealth of musical experience and artistic vision.

Kennedy, known for his tenure in renowned Canadian rock and metal bands such as Goat Horn, Zuku, and Flying Fortress, joins forces with Chartrand, whose drumming prowess has graced the stages of Crystal Castles, Kill Cheerleader, and Aciidz. Together, they craft haunting electro-pop soundscapes that delve deep into the realms of emotion and experience.

The title of their latest EP, "Ecdysis," serves as a fitting metaphor for Choirz's artistic evolution.

Traditionally associated with the shedding of reptilian skin, "Ecdysis" symbolizes the band's transition from the confines of the rehearsal space to the spotlight of the stage.

It speaks to the transformative journey of breathing new life into material conceived years ago, now finally realized in the recording studio.

The genesis of Choirz is a tale of serendipity and creative synergy. Inspired by the words of his late father, songwriter and musician Jed Corriveau reached out to his childhood friend Brandon Kennedy after more than two decades of silence.

Sharing electronic tracks from his home studio, Corriveau ignited a spark in Kennedy, offering him a lifeline amidst personal turmoil.

Thus began an organic collaboration, with Corriveau supplying intricate tracks and Kennedy infusing them with soul-stirring harmonies and poignant lyrics.

The addition of Christopher Chartrand as the band's drummer brought a new dimension to Choirz's live performances.

With Chartrand's arrival, Choirz transformed into a dynamic force, captivating audiences across Ontario with their electrifying stage presence.

Singles like "Diamond Lover" and "Mirrors" showcased the band's unique blend of synth-driven melodies and pulsating rhythms, paving the way for their highly anticipated EP release.


In anticipation of their new EP release, Mega Mike caught up with Choirz to dive into their creative process, music videos, and thoughts on the Ottawa Valley indie music scene. Here's what Chris (drums) and Brandon (vocals) had to say:

1. What is the process like? Do you and Brandon jam out the songs until perfection or is it piece by piece?

Chris: "Since the band's inception Jed (who lives in Minnesota) writes the original music and then Brandon adds lyrics/vocals. Brandon has since started writing a lot, and some of his songs will likely be featured on recordings soon. My contribution is fun from a drums/percussion perspective because I get to consider everything Jed has created and sort of pick and choose what stays and what goes. Although I play live drums, there's lots of Jed's percussion embedded in our recordings and live tracks. Listen to Never Enough. You'll hear me do a drum fill, and then an electronic drum fill will immediately follow it. It's fun working all that stuff out."

2. Where do the concepts for the videos come from?

Brandon: "The videos are a collaboration between myself and Rachel Mottin. She is a very gifted filmmaker with endless inspiration with whom my small ideas can become real."

3. What is your favorite song from the new EP?

Chris: "Mine is Never Enough."

Brandon: "Beckers"

4. What do you think of the Ottawa Valley Indie music scene right now?

Chris: "I've been away for the past 20 or so years, and I didn't expect to come home to much of a scene. I was pleasantly surprised to find there's lots of shows to go to, loads of talent and a supportive community. It seems healthier than when I left it."

5. Is your entire process from recording the song to video to release completely DIY?

Brandon: "Yes."

6. What's been the greatest moment so far with Choirz for you? Live show? Music release? Recording?

Chris: "I think Brandon and I would agree it was getting our first EP Diamond Lover pressed to vinyl and in our hands. There had obviously been a lot of work and passion that went into it. But there was also a supply chain issue. I forget how long, but it took almost a year. And when we got the test pressing it was skipping, so we had to send it back. When we finally got it in its finished packaging it was a bit of a milestone."

Brandon: "I'd say just that the band exists and seeks to write what we believe in musically. They are good moments really because it's about the journey."

7. What can you tell me about the EP artwork? Artist? Concept?

Brandon: "The artwork is by a friend Lysanne Lombard. I found it by chance sifting through pictures of her paintings and thought that it summed up visually kind of what the lyrics represented."


As the release date for "Ecdysis" draws near, Choirz stands on the brink of a new chapter in their musical journey. Whether on stage or in the studio, their music resonates with a raw, existential energy that speaks to the human experience. Join Choirz as they celebrate the release of "Ecdysis" on March 29, 2024, at Legends in Pembroke, and experience the magic of their electro-pop revolution firsthand.

In addition, we at White Water Rocks are thrilled to announce that Choirz will be joining the Summerdaze Lineup on August 9th and 10th.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the infectious rhythms and captivating melodies of Choirz as they take the stage at White Water Rocks this summer and be sure to catch their EP release for Ecdysis at Legends this Friday March 29th.

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