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When I started planning my Barn Burner shows I made a vow that it will never be about me, and it never should be.

It is about helping the music lovers of the Kingston area get the opportunity to experience new, fresh sounds at affordable prices, while ensuring the bands are receiving the maximum profits from the support of the crowds that come to hear the amazing talent of the acts.

All of my expenses are paid out of pocket, and most of the legwork is done in house. I take NO money from the events that I hold. All graphics for posters and tickets, radio commercial, video promo, and social media blasts are done in house by my team.


To ensure there is proper marketing of the shows, there an average of $50 spent on printing posters and hard copy tickets to be used throughout locations in the Kingston area.

All proceeds brought in through ticket sales (minus the $50 for printing fees) goes directly to the bands, so all of the people who support the shows by buying tickets can be assured, they are FULLY supporting these hard working indie artists. 

I am proud of how far the Barn Burner shows have come. We have a bigger venue, bigger acts, and we are hoping that the people of Kingston will help us continue to support these musicians by knowing that every show they and their friends attend under the Barn Burner name, goes directly into supporting the music community.

                 ~Chris Gaines

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