The WWR Guitar is an Acoustic Guitar Donated by


Located in Pembroke, ON at 105 Pembroke St. West

The Guitar was brought to events by our good

friend Scott to get autographs, then at the Festival

we auctioned it off with all proceeds going to...


Here's where the WWR Guitar travelled to.....

WWR Gtr Teenage Head 1.png
WWR Gtr Bruce Cockburn 2.png
WWR Guitar Tom Morello 2 Full Gtr Shot W
WWR Guitar Tom Morello.png
WWR Guitar Danko Jones Band.png
WWR Guitar Lowest of the Low
WWR Guitar Todd Rundgren
wwr gtr glorious 2.png
wwr gtr glorious 3.png
wwr gtr glorious 4.png
wwr gtr glorious 1.png
wwr gtr stepehn page.png
wwr gtr little steven.png
wwr gtr trews.png
wwr gtr headstones.png
wwr gtr full.png
thank u bobs.png
thank u grind.png