Z-Cocoon follows the Dark EP with a new single titled X-Ray Eyes.

The track features a 1min guitar solo by the influences of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan! A catchy fast paced vibe that rips all the way though the 4min track. Recorded at The Z-Cocoon studio, mixed by Dave Traina at The Freq Shop (Canada) and mastered by Tim Hope-Faulkner at HF Mastering (UK). Artwork done by the legend Lukman Satriyar.

“This single is special to me because it’s the first track that I fully recorded myself in my home studio, without going to a studio. I’ve been keeping busy during this whole world chaos from 2020-2021 and invested in some studio gear. It sounds great!"

Montreal-based solo artist Z-Cocoon, masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Marc Zolla, plays electrically-charged heavy music with savage guitar jabs, rockin' blues and hot solos. With a wide range of influences, the mad scientist behind the music forges an intricate soundscape. He records all the instruments and vocals himself. Once everything is set, the dark magic begins to take shape. Z-Cocoon draws influence from everything from Black Sabbath to Stevie Ray Vaughan by way of Alice in Chains and even rappers like ASAP Rocky. The live lineup consists of Marc Zolla on the guitar/vocals, John Burton on bass and Brandon Benwell on drums.

Press Quotes:

"Z-Cocoon is firmly grounded in blues-heavy stoner rock, it also shows an awareness of other sides of rock and hip-hop that often the sub-genre completely walls itself off from. Little things like short interjections from the backing vocals, a willingness to put vocals ahead of guitars, and a thick-as-fuck kick drum sound -- tweaks like that combine with the Sabbathian riffs and dynamic vocals for a pretty addictive listen."

- Invisible Oranges

"This EP does a great job of showcasing Zolla’s chops as a songwriter and as a performer. I personally find Zolla to be a great vocalist, and each of the tracks on here allow him to flex his mid-to-high range voice and sort of nasally cadence. I love the way he adds a rasp into his voice."

- Where Strides the Behemoth

Second song – Just Tell Me – has an “Audioslave” quality to it with Marc’s vocals and some of the music that appears at the start. However, Marc switches things up a bit and plays some classic “Hard Rock” melodies and superb vocals for the standout song on the EP.

- Outlaws of the Sun Blog