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Saturday January 20th-
BLVD Pub-Bar & Grill in Petawawa

Cherie B.

FEATURING: Flight 227 & Guest Starring Ginny Ranger

Saturday night at BLVD Pub-Bar & Grill in Petawawa, Ontario, set the stage for a musical journey filled with party rock anthems and delightful surprises. The air was charged with excitement as the crowd eagerly anticipated the night's headliner and special guest.

Taking the stage with an electrifying presence, Flight 227 not only delivered the tried-and-true favorites that had the crowd moving but also unveiled new treats that added a fresh flavor to the night. Their performance resonated with the great energy of the crowd, creating a lively atmosphere that lingered in the air.

Adding a touch of magic to the already vibrant night, the talented Ginny Ranger made a guest appearance, leaving the audience in awe. Her presence on stage added an extra layer of enchantment to the musical voyage, and the collaboration with Flight 227 was nothing short of magical.

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